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The Jiminy Peak Ski Race Team is a youth alpine ski racing organization that helps young athletes improve their skills, build self-esteem, cultivate sportsmanship and foster a competitive spirit. The team is led by experienced coaches provide a supportive and positive learning environment for the athletes.

The team is comprised of approximately 100 young athletes. These athletes have achieved a wide range of success, from finishing their first race to reaching personal goals, and competing in prestigious national and international events. The team is well-regarded in the ski racing community and has a growing reputation for excellence. With continued hard work and determination, the team is poised for continued success.


The mission of the Jiminy Peak race program is to provide a fun and challenging environment and culture, thoughtfully designed to teach fundamental skiing skills, so that our athletes can reach their full potential and develop a life-long love of the sport of skiing.


The program’s objectives are to:

  • Maintain an enriching learning environment

  • Develop good skiers first, then good racers

  • Have fun, while being mindful of our dedication to hard work

  • Strive for technically and tactically sound skiing and racing

  • Commit to the work ethic needed to achieve a winning atmosphere

  • Work cooperatively to instill a sense of pride and commitment in the race program

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