Garrick Dardani Garrick Dardani,
Race Team Director

14 years old and older/ Y.O.B. 2002 and older

At the U16/U19+ age, our program is geared toward the athlete who is focused and serious about their ski racing. Training sessions require strong concentration and the focus is on refining skills to the highest level and developing precise movements.

The Team trains in all four events and the athletes are expected to arrive at training prepared to work with their equipment in excellent condition. A conditioning program is a major component of this program and membership to an athletic club is suggested. The training sessions are largely centered on skill refinement and gate work. There is less time spent as a group free skiing but extensive time spent analysis and timed runs.

Proper athlete management – as always – is critical as the maximum number of recommended race starts for the U-16 age group is 18 – including all Championships and post season races.

USSA Points: As of 2013-14, U-16 racers will be allowed to develop a USSA points profile.


Gary Bradway, Head Coach U19+

Ned Roseberry
Ned Roseberry, Head Coach U16
John Slyer
John Slyer, Coach

Rich Tingle, Coach and Director of Coaches’ Educational Development