Jiminy Peak Race Team

2017-2018 Season

U16 Registration and Seeding Information

Since the U16 series is a fairly new series the directors and coaches have been working on improving the series. Last year, the U16 races were scored races, which allowed the U16’s to earn points in their own race series instead of having to ski up in the U18 series to earn points. Because that was the first year scoring was introduced at that level, the racers were pre-seeded (A,B,C,D) at the beginning of the season and the start list was created based on those seeds. This was because most racers did not have established race points. Since many of the racers coming into the series this year have established race points, the start list will be created based on those points (just like the U19 races). New racers moving up to the U16 series will start with 990 points and will be randomly assigned a start order. (Just like U19) Points change throughout the season, so start orders will change with each race.

Since there isn’t a pre-seeded start list submitted at the beginning of the year, the only way you will be on a start list is by pre-registering for each race, so make sure you send in your registration and payment either online or by voucher. Not all mountains are doing online registration so please check the Tri State website for registration information for each race.

Devo Team Announcement

Beginning tomorrow (Sunday, 1/3), the devo team will meet for training at the top of the Race Arena on Grand Slam. Please have athletes to the Race Arena by 9:30 to meet their coaches. Note that this will require boarding either the 6pack lift or the double chair by 9:15 to get to the Race Arena by 9:30.