Jiminy Peak Race Team

2017-2018 Season

Sugar Slalom, April 8-9, 2017

Sugar Slalom, held annually at Stowe since 1940 is a celebration of Spring on skis.The Stowe Sugar Slalom is one of the most recognized alpine races in America. The two-day event can attract over 1,000 avid racers and up to 600 spectators. Originating as a celebration of the arrival of Spring and the tapping of maple trees, the Sugar Slalom is held in a Mardi Gras atmosphere complete with music, barbecue on the hill, fantastic ski racing and festive costumes. To top it all, the race also features a unique Vermont treat, maple syrup on snow, donuts and pickles at the finish.

This year’s Sugar Slalom is Saturday April 8—Sunday April 9. You can register U8/U10/U12/U14 racers here or U16/U19+ racers here). You also must provide a signed a release form, which you can download from here (this also includes the official race announcement).

For those who want to ski, but do not plan to race, Vincent has been able to get some good deals!


For the Sugar Slalom this year, Stowe Mountain Resort charges $72/day (children 6-12 $62/day) for a lift ticket, plus a $5 Stowe card charge (this is not relevant to racers, as their lift passes are part of their race entry fee).

However, as we have been doing for several years now, the mountain has offered us a great group rate, but we need a total of 20 people per day minimum:

Here is the ticket pricing for the April 8-9 weekend:

  • 1-Day Adult /Senior lift ticket: $48 (additional days are multiple of $48, so $96 for both days, and $144 for three if we get enough people for the Friday or Monday…)
  • 1-Day Child (6-12) lift ticket: $36 (additional days are multiple of $36, so $72 for two days, $108 for three)
  • Child under 6 years lift ticket: COMP with paying adult ticket

The information that we need for our order is: how many tickets for which days, as well as the Adult/Child/<6years breakdown. Reply to VincentTophoff(AT)ifac.org.

We have to buy the tickets in bulk in advance and pay for them in one single transaction. So PLEASE BRING ENOUGH CASH to do so! Note that you will be responsible to pay for the tickets that you have ordered.

Feel free to forward to your friends and let them contact Vincent regarding the lift tickets.


We have been in contact again with Golden Eagle Resort www.goldeneagleresort.com and they offered us a sweet deal. Just use PROMO Code “sugar17,” which will be active by Wednesday (March 22) afternoon.

Try to book online, but if that doesn’t work or if you have questions, you can contact Lauren Garfield, Director of Sales & Marketing Golden Eagle Resort, 802-253-4811 or dosgoldeneagle@gmail.com.

Hope we can pull it off and looking forward to seeing you soon in Stowe!

Final Training Weekend Schedule March 11-12

Saturday, start promptly at 9:00 a.m.
Age Group Training Notes
U19+ SL training on Whirlaway
U16 SL training on Whirlaway
U14 GS training on at Exhibition East
U12 GS training on at Exhibition East
U8/U10 Meet at Race Arena for free skiing and/or GS training


Sunday, start promptly at 9:00 a.m.
Age Group Training Notes
U19+ Dual paneled SL, location TBD
U16 Dual paneled SL, location TBD
U14 Dual paneled SL, location TBD
U12 Dual paneled SL, location TBD
U8/U10 Dual paneled SL, location TBD