What Are The Age Groups?

Tri-State regional competitions are based upon these age categories:

Age Groups for the 2017-2018 Season
Nomenclature U8/U10 U12 U14 U16 U19+
Ages 9 and under 10-11 12-13 14-15 16-20
Season 2016-17 YOB 2009-later 2006-07 2004-05 2002-03 1997-2001
ATS Focus Play and games—innovative motor and technical skill focus. SL, GS, Combi Leagues, teams, combi races—instill love of sport. SL, GS, Combi Introduce terrain elements. SL, GS, SG, Combi Introduce speed elements, skill acquisition. DH, SL, GS, SG 4 event focus, skill perfection
Competition USSA State and Divisional Council Festivals USSA U12 State and Divisional Festivals USSA U14 State and Divisional Champs FIS (Topo/WC) USSA U16 Regional JOs, USSA Points FIS WJR, NAC and U18 National JOs, FIS Points

What is the Development Team?

The minimum age is 7 years old, as of December 2017 (for the 2017-2018 season). The athlete must be able to make controlled, steady, linked turns on moderate terrain and be able to ride our chairlifts unassisted. Our Development Team program will focus on developing sound skiing skills combined with the love for the sport that will allow our athletes to enjoy alpine skiing for a lifetime. Our goal will be to provide an environment in which the pursuit of alpine racing is an exciting and engaging way to make new friendships, find camaraderie among teammates and to prepare young racers for the higher level of competitiveness of Tri-State.

How Do I Become A USSA & Tri-State Member?

All the racers must join two different associations in order to compete in the Tri-State. They are the USSA (United State Ski Association) and Tri-State. The application forms on-line. Remember, the athlete must carry these association membership cards with them at all times.

Entering Races

Tri-State racers in classes U12 and above must register for each race through the AdminSkiRacing web site. Remember to register early enough to assure entry. In case a race is not listed on AdminSkiRacing, you must send in a paper voucher to the mountain’s Race Secretary.

USSA and Tri-State Memberships for all racers

All Tri-State racers must have valid USSA and Tri-State memberships.

Points And Start Orders

For the U16 and U19+ races, the start orders for each race are decided by the racer’s USSA points. This is a ranking system ranging from 0.00 to 990.00. A racer will start with 990.00 points. The points an athlete will receive for each individual race depends on the level of the racers completing the competitions as well as the athlete’s time for the race in comparison to the winner’s time. Subsequently, a racer’s two best results in the current season are averaged out in each of the four disciplines to become the basis for the future race rankings. These points are updated periodically.

For the U14/U12 races, the starting orders are rotated by seed groupings to give all racers equal opportunity to start early.

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